Thursday, April 24, 2014

New boat

I had some friends up North ask me if I would build them a boat.  These folks currently sail a modified version of the Classic Moth.  The current boat they sail is a very heavy European dingy. They want a lighter more responsive boat.
The boat we are going to build was originally designed around 1963 in England, by John Shelley.  At the time it was the fastest Moth boat on the water.  It still is a very competitive boat.  We are going to build  the hull of this boat in Chestertown Md.   We'll finish up in my shed after Griff gets done.

The hull of the boat will look like the mast head picture but the deck will be different.

                Boat on a trailer  Building strongback on top, 3 sheets of 4mil Ocume plywood on the bottom.

                                                          Building molds on the strongback


  1. Bill,
    Saw note of this on George's blog. I put some Shelly drawings into CADD for him about a year ago. I'm still favoring this hull. I'm following with much interest. Thanks for posting it!

    1. Thanks, Eddie
      I built my Shelley 14 years ago on the same forms. I like the Mark III version because it's a tad narrower than the original. Better for us fat guys!

  2. Haha! I'd think wider is better for the more "manly". Is the Mk III narrower and deeper? I need to find those drawings to compare.

    1. The Mark III is 52 inches wide. He did that to accommodate a 4" hiking board on either side. Other than that it appears to be the same boat. The hiking boards are not legal these days so I don't put them on. The original boat is 60 inches wide. With the narrow boat out heaver weight overcomes the need for hiking boards. Remember, the original was designed for a kid weighing 130 pounds!!!