Saturday, May 31, 2014

Change of plans

I spent yesterday and today fitting the bottom to the boat.  I wanted to do 4 mil ocume ply on the bottom.  I had the bottom fitted but I'm not satisfied with how it turned out.  We're going to do this differently now.  I'm going to get some 3 mil ply and do it again.  I'll use the current ply for a stitch and glue boat.  No pix today...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Bottom panels

Back on track.  I got both bottom panels cut out and one fitted to the bottom.  It is a slow process.  The panel has to fit exactly before it gets glued down.  Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow. The paper is the template taken from an original Shelley.  I made the cut exactly like the original.  I left both ends fat and  then finessed the bottom to fit.

The cut that makes the flair at the transom.  I cut both bottoms at the same time.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Inner parts

It's been some time since I worked on this boat.  The logistics for work are just a bit off.  We did have a productive day.  I got the transom, keelson, Stem and shear on the boat.   These parts are the "bones" of the boat.  Everything hangs off of these parts.   This  is going to be a fine boat.  The shear looks great and it went on with out too much fuss.  The paper template that I took off of Bob's Shelley fit like a glove.  The cut line for the hard chine fit the molds like it was made for it.  Next up is fitting one of the bottom panels.  Hopefully that will be sooner that later.