Saturday, November 15, 2014

Boat's done! Final post.

I started this boat last April.  I had a commission from a fellow in New York.  The club in Sag Harbor NY sails a modified Euro Moth which they call an E-Dingy.  We decided on a John Shelley design.   This design came from the Mark III plans developed in 1965.     I'm very pleased the way this boat turned out. 

Off she goes.  Heading to her new home in Sag Harbor, NY.

                                    The sail is from my Vintage boat
                               The red strap is to hold the boat on the dolley
                                All the sail controls work great.
                The rudder is from a Laser and the CB is from a Sunfish.


  1. Bill,

    Looking good. Are you going to now replace your own "Memory Lane" with a new and improved version.


  2. Probably not. I can sail my vintage boat just as well as ML. I have "Griff" to finish. That's the Ventnor
    look a like that I got from Bill Schill's estate.